The Rogge trail of Merano

The Rogge trail of Merano

Would you like to take a long walk? The Rogge trail of Merano

The Merano water irrigation canals (Rogge) extend to the middle mountain of the Adige Valley and all around the Merano region. We are talking of a comfortable 80 km trail at the discovery of the landscape of the area.
The trail of the Merano water irrigation canals can be experience the whole year around. It includes eleven Rogge paths across the Merano region: Lagundo, Caines, Rifiano, Maia, Scena, Brandis at Lana, Ciermes, Marlengo, Parcines, Rablà and the Wallburg path at Naturno.

Along the Rogge, on comfortable pedestrian and nature paths like “Herrschaftsweg” in Tirolo, hikers can walk all around Merano. Each of the eleven Merano Rogge paths will surprise you with its unique treasures. Castles, fortresses, churches and natural monuments along the way give visitors the possibility to take in the captivating history of South Tyrol.

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