Dorf Tirol / Tirolo

Holiday in Tirolo

Quintessence of Nature & Culture: excursions in Tirolo

“Walking is a healing experience.
A way to inject new life in your body and soul”

Up and down on the mountains, amidst silent and bizarre rocks. Through pine forests, colourful blooms, with your heart full of joy. Above the Merano rooftops, with views of the south and the horizon that appears endless. Romantic pergolas, palms, flourishing terraced vineyards, the beating life and the traditions still strongly rooted.
Tirolo moves ... and touches your soul. From all directions.

Dorf Tirol - Tirlo

Unforgettable days among the mountains and in the valleys

Tirolo goes hand in hand with culture & nature, with typical South Tyrol but also Mediterranean elements, Earls & castles, walking excursions & the “Dolce Vita”. In short: a pinnacle of senses. Discover Tirolo: on foot, on two wheels, from the top of the cableways. For example from the slightly vintage one-place chairlift that connects the old town of Merano with Tirolo, ancient home of the Earls of Tirolo. And after enjoying the views, it will be difficult to go back.

Not to be missed:
events & excursions in Tirolo

  • The "Soirees" at the Tirolo Castle: high up overlooking the Merano valley is the former home of the Earls of Tirolo. Nowadays, it's the home of the Historic-Cultural Museum of Bolzano, but also the setting for spectacular evenings with extremely refined music concerts.
  • Bird of prey in flight: at Centro Recupero Avifauna (Bird Life Recovery Centre) it will be possible to admire the queens of the air up close. The centre is a care and recovery centre for owls, hawks, eagles and vultures, which at set time can be admired by the public.
  • Gruppo di Tessa excursion heaven: the Hochmuth cable car takes you directly to the natural park and the Merano High Way, the most famous mountain path of South Tyrol.
  • Tirolo culture spring: an ingenious and playful mix of “old & traditional” and “new & modern”, with talented and innovative music groups and local wind instrument bands. The live concerts are an absolute must, with fun guaranteed for everyone.
  • Festival of taste: “Tirolo and pots and pans”: the whole town becomes the setting of captivating live demonstrations, cooking courses, tasting sessions and suggestive culinary experiences: an irresistible culinary spring!
  • VinoCultis Winefestival: everything revolves around good wine during the autumn WineFestival of Tirolo and Merano.
"Hi "Patriarchi", we really enjoyed our time with you: perfect rooms and authentic “Tyrol” service and landscape. And we have no doubts that this will not be our last stay with you." 

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