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 Gruppo di Tessa Natural Park

Th. 07.06.18 - Sa. 04.08.18

Spend exciting and active days at the Gruppo di Tessa Natural Park

starting from 560.00 € p. p.

Autumn “Törggelen” in Tirolo

Sa. 20.10.18 - Su. 11.11.18

The scent of roasted chestnuts through your nose and the taste of new wine through your mouth - welcome to the “Törggelen”, the celebration of new wine and chestnuts!

starting from 539.00 € p. p.

"Once again, thank you for the wonderful days spent with you. I will keep some very fond memories of our trip to the Fosse Valley. When do we city folks have the possibility of seeing chamois, ibex goats, or marmots?" 

A warm hug, Elke & Jörg.

We are pleased to welcome you!