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The Patriarch family in Tirolo

Our story: once upon a time …

The “Patriarch” hotel is one of the oldest farmsteads of Tirolo, with an extremely rich history. It was built in the sixteenth century. Its first known owner was Johann Kofler, who passed it on to Anna Kofler, married surname Unterthurner.
As she did not have any children, Mrs Kofler left the farmstead to the children of Maria and Josef Kofler.

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„Today we are happy
to welcome and spoil you."


  • 1925 The farmstead is refurbished, adding an oven and a distillery.
  • 1969 Marianne Kofler turns the farmstead in a guesthouse. In the beginning, she took care of guests all on her own, with a lot of passion and enthusiasm.
  • Since 1972, together with her husband Albuin Burger she has created an elegant ambiance with classy furnishing, beautiful details and high level features. She was responsible for giving to the Patriarch guesthouse its special charm and the warm atmosphere. 
  • 2003 The son, Florian Burger, takes over the running of the hotel.
  • In spring 2013 Albuin Burger died at the age of 81. He had worked in the hotel almost until the day he died, with great commitment, dedication and diligence.
  • Marianna Kofler died in 2016, but her spirit continues to live in our hearts and in Florian’s passion for cooking.
Katia and Florian Burger

we are happy to welcome and spoil you. We give it our all, and with our passion we make your holiday as enjoyable as possible. For any questions and wishes do not hesitate to contact us directly. Our ears (and hearts) are always open for our guests.

Warm greetings
Katia & Florian Burger, with their children and the whole team


Getting around with your host

"Many people say: “You are not going back to Tirolo?” To which we answer: “Of course we will; we have a great time when visiting our friends!” Thank you for being there." 

Manuela & Andreas

We are pleased to welcome you!