Soirees in Castle Tyrol

Soirees in Castle Tyrol

Soirees in Castle Tyrol
The Soirées at Tyrol Castle are held every year in June and July, on five Thursdays. Now for the 30th year, top international ensembles give impressive concerts in the Great Hall of Tyrol Castle, presenting music from different countries and cultures. During the interval you will be able to taste some culinary specialities, prepared according to original medieval recipes. After the concert you can look forward to the next highlight: The walk back to the centre of the village will be illuminated by more than a hundred torches.

6 dates
from Thursday, 20 June 2019
to Thursday, 25 July 2019

Beginning: 21:00

Detailed program and ticket presale information is available here!

"We can’t wait to get there and enjoy our holiday
in the best place in the world, with you in Tirolo!" 

Manu & Andi

We are pleased to welcome you!