Merano Grape Festival

Merano Grape Festival

The residents of Burgraviato like a celebration: Merano Grape Festival and traditional Autumn Festival in Tirolo

The famous Merano Grape Festival takes place on the third Sunday of October of every year, after grape harvesting has ended. It culminates in the colourful parade of many local folk groups and music bands, which accompany the beautiful carnival floats that bring the town to life. The varied activity program includes concerts, dance exhibitions, local tradition representations, fanfares and workshops, as well as representations of typical costumes from all over South Tyrol.

And every other year Tirolo also celebrates autumn with an event that music lovers cannot miss. A great celebration, with concerts from many music bands from Italy and abroad, but also a very popular parade that takes place on the streets of the town. Again, very beautiful decorated carnival floats depicting rural, local and economic life parade through the town, making them some of the most popular features of the event. After the traditional musical welcome that brings together visitors from everywhere, there is an exhibition of the local Tirolo country dancing group.

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